Pel Nord

by Ferran Fages

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A solo release by Ferran Fages, member of Ap'strophe (the other member being Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, whose solo release is reviewed elsewhere), who works here with AM radios solely. The vinyl sounds pretty scratchy, but I couldn't figure out if this was intentional, as part of the music, or something else. Maybe it has to do with volume of the music, which on 'Side P' is very, very loud. A howling sound of piercing noise. 'Side N' starts out 'softer' but also arrives in this mid-range static howl of noise. I am not sure how many radios, or layers of radios have been used here, or indeed any sort of processing, but its all a bit too easy and perhaps too loud for me. I know Fages as an excellent improviser, but this 7" is perhaps not my cup of tea, no matter how much I like the use of radio sounds. ( Vital Weekly )


released April 5, 2015



Bocian Warsaw, Poland

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